Sociology of Media and Communication

Sociology of Media and Communication




ECTS credit:4

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Vidmar Igor, doc. dr. Vogrinčič Čepič Ana


Presentation of different possible aspects of studying communiaction and media; presentation of most important theoretical approaches to media and communiaction in contemporary social siences; analysis of presuppositions about commicationa and media; developing concepts for the analyis of mediated cultural forms and social relationships; realtions between language and communication; graphism and writing; scriptural communication; print forms (books, periodicals etc.) and social relations of print media; radio, TV and mobile privatisation; televisual cultural forms and communication; computer-mediated communication and internet; intermediality and intertextuality in the 'new media'; ideological and cultural consequences of the digitalization and convergence of ICTs; analyis of mediatic cultural forms and possibilities of the critical use of new communication and information technologies /ICT/.