Learning in Groups

Learning in Groups




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Peklaj Cirila, prof. dr. Puklek Levpušček Melita


Theoretical basis of learning in groups (cognitive, constructivist, socio-cultural and motivational theories).
Research about effects of learning in groups on cognitive, affective-motivational and social processes.
Definition of different ways of learning in groups (peer-tutoring, cooperative learning and collaborative learning).
Key elements of successful learning in groups (group development, group interdependence and individual accountability, social skills development, interaction structuring) and methods for their development.
Possibilities of application of learning in groups in school with children, adolescents and adults.
Group work with children with special needs (i.e. children with learning difficulties). Inclusion promoting with learning in groups. Group work with adults (parents, teachers, community, life-long learning).
Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) – potential and strategies for its implementation in school work.
Most common obstacles when learning in groups and strategies for their dispatching.