The presentation of the scientific monograph The Endless Journey of Alma M. Karlin by Barbara Trnovec

Naslovnica monografije

Naslovnica monografije

The presentation of the scientific monograph on Alma M. Karlin, authored by Barbara Trnovec, took place on 12 October 2020 in the Barbara Hall of the Celje Regional Museum.

The monograph, The Endless Journey of Alma M. Karlin: Her Life, Work and Legacy, offers a deep, comprehensive and multifaceted insight into the life, work and legacy of the famous female traveller from Celje. It sets forth a new, manifold appreciation of her, brought about by the author’s innovative research approach. The latter was based on the examination of writings by Alma M. Karlin, numerous newly discovered documents in Slovenia and Germany, and on oral accounts by various individuals, especially those who knew her in person.

The book was presented by its author, Barbara Trnovec, anthropologist, curator and the custodian of the Alma Karlin Collection at the Celje Regional Museum. The event was also attended by dr. Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik, the VAZ project leader, and Mateja Ajdnik Korošec, who translated the monograph into German.

The presentation of the book was accompanied with a projection of slides which the author showed to the public for the first time. The slides were used by the renowned traveller during the lectures she gave after returning from her journey around the world.

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